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My Approach:

Every business strives for success, but even the idea of ​​success is culturally dependent. Well-intentioned international cooperation is often plagued by stumbling blocks created by cultural differences.

Unspoken assumptions make international cooperation difficult. Superficialities can be acquired quickly. Rules of conduct in the form of a etiquette (e.g., how and when to hand over a business card, when to use first names) can be found in every good travel guide.

In my training I address the basic unspoken assumptions and practices of a culture that influence everyday work. Communication style, the role of hierarchy, employee motivation, teamwork and business processes are all affected by these assumptions.

‘Best practice’ at home is often ‘worst practice’ abroad! My aim is to help my clients understand the whys and wherefores of their business partners.

My Experience:

I grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. During my university years I spent a year in Tel-Aviv, and three years in Montreal. After finishing my Master’s degree in Psychology, I moved to Germany, where I initially worked as a free-lance trainer. From 1996 to 2011 I was employed as a Senior Expert Intercultural Trainer at the Siemens AG in Munich. Some of my assignments were:

  • expanding the range of cross-cultural training
  • design and implementation of seminars and workshops
  • long-term support (project support) for international teams
  • Project Manager for “International Cooperation”, a structured method for analyzing cooperation within international teams along the parameters of project management, human resources and communication
  • frequent assignments abroad, including extended visits to India and Russia


 Training languages: German, English, Russian

Currently I work as a freelance consultant and trainer for a number of educational and training institutions, am a member of a trainer network and offer in-house workshops directly to companies.


  • Senior Consultant for TWIST-Consulting Group, Munich
  • Diversity Expert for the Grundig Akademie
  • Teammember assist International HR
  • Intercultural Trainer for the US for Global Competence Forum
  • Intercultural Trainer for Office Seminare 
  • Intercultural Trainer for compass international gmbh
  • Intercultural Trainer for venture GAINED
  • International Consultant and Trainer for Salegro Sales Consultancy


Teaching and research activities:

  •  Visiting lecturer in the MBA Program at the Georg-Simon-Ohm Management Institute in Nuremburg
  • occasional lectures at the State University of St. Petersburg in Russia in the faculties of psychology and management;  occasional guest lectures at various universities in the U.S., Germany and Austria
  • participation in research projects under Alexander Thomas at the University of Regensburg


My Customers:

  • IT, high tech, telecommunications
  • finance
  • mechanical engineering, metalworking
  • automobile manufacturers and suppliers
  • defense, logistics
  • consumer products, foodstuffs, construction materials
  • pharmaceutical, medical, chemical
  • solar technology
  • hotels
  • publishing
  • non-profits